Is there an free input formatter for numbers?

I’m trying to make an input for numbers work formatted as follow:
type 1: 1,00
type 2: 2,10
type 3: 3,21
type 4: 43,21
type 5: 543,21

And so on. However I’ve not been able to do so because most input formatters plugins require an input for TEXT type, but this is dreadful once I need to work those as numbers after being saved in database.

Does anyone knows how to do then the following:

Keep the input as number type and also the input formatter as told?

Have you tried ‘convert to number’ at the end when you are trying to save it? Does that work? Or does it not detect the , as a decimal place?

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I think that the solution might really be to just create a new data type to copy the existing by converting it to a number.

I’ll be waiting any further solutions that one might present to this.

But replying your suggestion: If I understood it correctly it is an operation that doesn’t go through because my original data type is text, I’m not able to circumvent this fact.

You can use ‘formatted as’ and display it as a text. Then you should be able to use this in the input.

Is that what you mean?

No, that is not sufficient because in order to use some basic fuctions such as ‘sum’, ‘average’, etc, the data type must be originally ‘number’ type, otherwise those options won’t even appear to choose from,.

Yes. I mean to keep it in the number field. When using the input convert it and then convert it back to a number. Does that make sense? :blush:

It does not work because the input number just accepts number type, not text. When using convert it translates to text necessarily.

Olá, Jairo!

Isto aqui não resolve?


Infelizmente não.

Ok, so this is what I was trying to say. It’s not the best solution but it seems like at least a solution of some sort. There are a few issues with doing it this way but maybe you can contact Bubble support to let them know that the input doesn’t allow you to choose the decimal place character. Anyways, here is a workaround for you until you can get them to update their input.

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Does that help at all? :blush:

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