Extract Text from geographical address

Hi There,

Working on bubble and quite happy with the progress going on , just stuck with one issue and need help from you expert bubblers.

I do have one search box which is been set to search for geographical address. I am using it for specifically to update hotel address, when someone put hotel name and area then it shows dropdown of complete address of hotel and user can select the completer address from there. For example for one hotel address user put complete address of hotel as

Hotel Charring Cross, Garden Road, Pudumund, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India

Now I am using the value of this searchbox (for example the value is above address) to somewhere else as text, however while retrieving this searcbox’s value, I am getting only address, like

Garden Road, Pudumund, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India

and not getting the hotel name above which is been entered along with the address, could you please help me regarding this.

Within text box in which I want to retrieve the searchbox value , I am using the following dynamic experssion
SearchBox’s value
SearchBox’s value’s formatted address

but in both the cases I am not getting the hotel name, I am looking for you guys to help me regarding this and thanks in advance.

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I have exactly the same problem. From what i can understand reading loads of posts in here, the default search box does not actually hold the “name” value even if it displays when search is complete - only the adress is the “value” left in the searchbox.

If you need the name of a place, you need to enable the google places plugin for this. And you will have to use a standard input + a repeating group to search and list places. And you will loose the autocomplete feature…

In fact, there are currently 3 different ways of working with maps and places

The bubble Search box input type coupled (Geographical Address)
The Google places plugin
The Google Maps Extended plugin

@harsh30.s10 I’m also having the same issue as both autocomplete and extracting the name from a search are extremely important. Anyone find any workarounds to enable both?

bump @carstenkring & @harsh30.s10

Any luck here?

Nope, it istill s what it is.

@emmanuel : any chance to change this and enable us to extract name value from searchbox (as opposed to input field + repeating table) It would be a much more elegant solution.

I am looking for this too. It would be VERY helpful!

Still trying to figure out.

Yes, I think the difference here is between Google Place (Hotel Charring Cross, Garden Road, Pudumund, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India) and Google Map Address (Garden Road, Pudumund, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India).

The search box looks like it returns Places, but only extracts Addresses.

What you can do is use the Google Place API to get the name and address.

I know my answer is a paid solution but the reason for the mention of Bulk Google Geocoding is it can take text (even multiline text elements grabbing per line addresses) or addresses in a list from bubbles db and outputs, lists of: text formatted addresses, text of each address part, numbers for lat, numbers for lng, text latLng, text lngLat. But the speed that it geocodes a list is just ridiculous… have a squiz here.

If I understand, are you saying you can use the Bubble search selection to trigger a pull to get the associated Google Place through the Google Place API?

I’ve tried many configurations of doing this and thought it was not possible.

If it is possible, can you provide any more details on the workflow to get the Google Place from a Bubble search?


note - I have an input to search through a repeating group that works, but is a slow/poor user experience.

No, sadly you can’t do that. Maybe one of the javascript gurus can explain how to do it, but I don’t know a way to access the typed input in the search box.

You can do it with an input instead.

Hi Jarrad, this solution is exactly what I need and I’m happy to pay. However I can’t seem to purchase it. Both the PREMIUM PLUGIN and FORK PLUGIN buttons are disabled and I’m not sure why.

I am relatively new to Bubble, using an Agency plan as the solution I’m building is for a client. I’ve successfully installed other plugins (paid and free) so I’m not sure what is happening here. Any ideas?

Scratch that. Just a browser issue. Seems to have worked on a different attempt

@emmanuel @DavidS
This is a surprisingly frustrating issue. I am amazed how bubble is able to search geographic places by name and so I am able to see the name in the SearchBox, however there is absolutely zero way for me to call or use that name.

Bubble may believe that I can just do another API search with their Pluggin Get Google Places… however, there is no way for me to filter what they return in such a way that I can ensure the result is the same as what the original person chose when selecting from Bubble’s SearchBox.

Example, I search “Tea Zone Cafe - Ajman - Arab Emirates”, I get back a geographic place (lat, lng, address), and then I use Bubble’s Get Google Places API (also tried the AirDev Google Places API) to try and look it up (returning a list of places), however, no matter how I slice the results I am unable to ensure that I get the same first location…

This is driving me mad!!! I’ve looked all over the forum and there is no solution. Can someone please help?!

The Zeroqode paid pluggin “fastest google places autocomplete” is able to achieve this:
link to plugin - https://bubble.io/plugin/fastest-google-places-autocomplete-1538496794421x165888786671337470

Link to demo:

Great! i check it, It woks very well… Can yoiu guide me ho can i ada gardening products from other website into our wbesite

Anyone know how to do this in a way that doesn’t require a paid plug in?

Yes, please try using it as formated as the address to make it work.
Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 1.20.22 AM