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How to convert page to pdf if not the current page?

My app is for creating invoices. A user can create an invoice by filling in form fields (item, price, VAT etc) and then they click ‘Preview’ to see a PDF.

The pdf convert is done with Digital Eye’s ‘Advance export to PDF’ plugin.

The trouble is, users create an invoice on Page A which is optimised for mobile (small) view. The data is then sent to Page B where a full page invoice is generated.

So, Page A’s ‘Preview’ button needs to convert page B. Any idea how I can achieve this?

The other way I was thinking to do it is the Preview button opens Page B which is immediately converted to PDF so that the whole invoice fits onto the smaller mobile view. But not sure how to do this either!?

Bubble’s SelectPDF plugin would do the job but it is ridiculously expensive, Single Developer License – $499 just to convert HTML to PDF!

One idea which almost worked was to open a new invoice page when the Preview button is clicked and to have an action ‘When page loads’. This action immediately converts the page to pdf and displays in a popup. However, the Digital Eye’s ‘Advance export to PDF’ plugin recreates the image exactly, so if a user is on a mobile, the html-invoice page is squashed and so the pdf recreates the squashed image. I need the pdf to create the full wide invoice somehow.

You can use plugin PDF Conjurer. It works differently then converting HTML to PDF. It takes data from the DB and generates the PDF based on the workflow you create. So you do not depend on any page. And the plugin is free.

Thank you, that sounds like it could be the solution! I will check it out.

If you find PDF conjurer combersome, you could try You can try it right from their home page, just drop your Page B url into the box.

I’m working on the same thing. I have an “editor” page that has all kinds of tools and buttons. I need a clean page without those tools, so I create a duplicate page without the tools just to capture the PDF.

Here’s the API setup so you can do it quickly. You can test as many times as you’d like without paying. Just need to pay to remove watermark.

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Thank you, I like the fact I can test it first before paying… I will give it a go!

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