How to convert text”YYYYMMDD” to date?

Is there any way to convert text to date?
I want to register the return value from the API in the database, but the value is in the form of text type “YYYYYMMDD”.
Example “20221012”
Is there any way to register this into a date type column?

You can use the ‘current date time’ and then the operators to change the year, change the month and change the date to the values you have in the text.

Likely you will need to first separate out the text values into their components which if done properly you would have only 4 values for Year not 5, followed by two values for month and two values for date…if the format is always the same, then can easily use operators to take those values.

Then when creating the data reference the values which might need to have the operator of converted to number since they are coming through as text.


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