Convert text to Date type


I need help! I have a table in my database that is having a field containing the text, “created on 12/23/2022” ofcourse the date is different in each record. I need to extract the date and add it the field called “AvDate” this should be of type Date since we need to perform operations for date like > or < 0r =


try the plugin unix to date it has a function to convert text to date

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Just use any arbitrary date (or the current date/time), and modify it accordingly…


Some arbitrary date: change date to (text date): change month to (text month): change year to (text year)

You can get rid of created on using find and replace, then you can extract the values from the text using the :split by operator, and using / as the character to split by (you’ll have to convert each value to a number in order to modify the date)

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This worked thanks used this plugin.

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