How to copy a Thing


Is it possible to copy a Thing with all its fields?


Not right now, but you can create a new thing and fill each field with another thing’s data. A bit tedious but that’ll do the job.

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actually I meant a ‘Data Type’. I have done it manually now.

Here is another one - this is because we can’t yet deal with the ‘list of addresses’ in a search.

I need to make multiple copies of a Thing (in this case a ‘Food Item’) where I create one new ‘Food Item - Unique Address’ for each Shop in a Chain that a Food Item is stocked in. So it is a product of Food Items x List of Shops (in Chain).

I was thinking I could create a new page where I can select a Food Item from a drop down and then in a repeating group show all Shops that are in the Chain that the Food Item is stocked in. However I am not sure if a) this is the quickest way b) how to do a ‘Repeat Until’ workflow. Perhaps I can make a counter and add 1 each time until I have reached the number of lines in the Repeating Group? Although then, if I run this more than once I am at risk of creating duplicate Food Items.

Hello Emmanuel,

Any progress on making copies of a thing? Am trying to work it out in my visual organization app that you can copy a thing from one part to another.

There is “Copy a list of things” now. Which could be a single thing. Might work ?

I don’t think that works. Must be a data type [list] no?

You can convert a thing to a list using “:converted to a list.”

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Mhmm! That’s a good tip. Assume you’ve tried it out. Neat. Thanks.

Tried it now @NigelG. Works perfectly. Thanks again for the tip.

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Hi Jonas, can you explain or give me some details on how you did this?

There may be an easier way now, but this still works.

So copy a list … but just point it at the thing you want to copy and do a :converted to list

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