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How To Copy Live To Development?

Hi Bubblers…

So I need to copy Live to Development.

It should be simple and I’ve read the other comments at Make development database match live database but these relate more to copying Dev to Live.

I’m on a personal plan. I intend to upgrade in the future to get access to SSL. But right now that’s a stretch and I haven’t updated the app for ages and the Dev contains a number of page changes that I don’t want. I just need to start from a clean slate. I would appreciate just a simple way to overwrite Dev from Live and start again.

Can anyone suggest how I could do this without uprading to the $229/month Team plan?

are you asking for a way to copy dev to live for the whole overall site pages, elements, workflows and everything or just the database? “copy from live to development” & “copy development to live” relate the database only.

I’m asking for a way to copy Live to Dev for the whole overall app - pages, elements, workflows, everything.

Unfortunately you may have to contact bubble and cross your fingers.

well i did that after reading the post mentioned in my intro above - but @emmanuel replied asking me to use the forum :slight_smile: so hopefully I’ll get a quick copy done :smiley:

I know its tricky, sometimes i will find a post with him saying its something that you need to contact support about then when you contact support he says direct it at the forum. im guessing it all comes down to time for the team but i would rather hit these little speed bumps every now and then than have them sell out.

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You can pick the time of the latest development to live and revert development to this time. That is what you want to do there.

That doesn’t work for me @emmanuel. As I mentioned earlier, I’m on a basic plan and I’ve been messing with Dev for a while and need to reset from Live from several months ago. Isn’t there a simple option to reset the Dev from Live? I’m not at the level to go for the $229/month option which has more features in this area… :frowning:

Oh sorry I missed that. Well if you are not on the right plan to get back early enough in time we can’t do much. The functionality is this one, but plans have restrictions (as you would expect them to have).

Why not starting a new app here? since it seems you want to get back to the initial version of live (which is a white screen basically)

I’m just trying to copy the Live app to Dev. I’ve messed around in Dev for months and it’s not stable. So I just want to re-instate Dev from the current Live app state. I use similar approach on WPEngine for my WP site, after messing around in staging playing with plugins and settings, if I decide it’s a mess I can simply deploy from Live to Staging again to referesh my dev environment. Looking for something similar from Bubble - would be great to have this feature if it’s not currently in place…?

If the latest deploy was a few months away we don’t have feature currently unfortunately.

can i suggest that this is a feature that should be added then? in version control, there should always be the facility to copy the live app to dev. otherwise we have to maintain version control on the dev environment which is very hard to do on an ongoing basis. thoughts?

It’s a good idea, we’ll put that on the wish list (but I can’t commit on a quick turnaround on that one)

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