How to create a drop-down?

How to create a drop down where if users click on on green option 500 to be shown in total, when red option is selected 550 to be shown in total and so on.
It’s very urgent need… please suggest

There are various ways to do this (and I don’t fully understand the use case you’ve described), but most probably the simplest way will be to use an option set.

Have an option for each colour, and an attribute for the corresponding number.

Then set that option set to be the dropdown’s content type, and use All Options as the datasource.

Then you can display the selected option’s number (or use it in some other way) however you want.

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I’m not at my machine atm so can’t mock up an example for you.

but if you’re somewhat experienced in Bubble you should be able to follow these steps.

  1. create a drop down element with options,
    100, 200, 300 and so on.

  2. create a repeating group and set your data source with “item to number: dropdowns’s value.

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