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How to do math with drop downs

I am trying to do a thing where I have a drop-down that uses an 0ption Set of Number.

Options Set 1


Option Set 2

I want to be able to multiply them to get a new out come.

My workflow saves the Options set “On input change” for both. Then I am trying to do a thing where I do results of step 1

Results of Step 1
Total = Option Set 1 * Option Set 2

The problem is when I go to retrieve the number it doesn’t allow me to reference the number.

Like an “Option Sets value” The next option is Display and then it gets all red.

Any ideas why this is happening and how I fix it?

Hi there, @timlcooley… the display of an option set’s value is text, so that’s why it “gets all red” (love that, by the way). Try adding the :converted to number operator after Display on each option and see if that produces the desired result.


AWESOME!!! Been messing with this for an hour.

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