How to create a history

Hey guys i’d like know what i have to do create a history in my app to register all the changes that someone do in the system, could someone help me?

Hey there @kauaa780,

You can just create a new type called Logs then define a few fields:

  1. To obviously log the changes

yeah, but how can I do all these things?

And the workflows, is there anything?

For the workflows you want to log, put an action in front that saves an entry in the database.

And about this you said? I just have to do it?

I’m talking about the first answer you gave me

Yeah, to create a log? Yes, you have to do it.

How can I do it?

By creating a new data type in your database.

called by log right?

Yes, or whatever you’d like it to be called. It’s just an internal name.

Undestood, and after I create this new data type what i have to do?

Add a new data field to every workflow action you want logging to be applied to.

Wow looks like hard

There’s no images to understand better?

and what is the workflows?

Check out this Bubble lesson: Learn | Bubble Editor


What you are asking for is simple to execute but NOT TRIVIAL.

Now in all your workflows you’d have to not just change the data you want to change, but also create new records in your logs table to match it.

So before you do this you need to think about what you want. If it’s “I just want to see who changed what and when” then you need to ask WHY, because doing this properly is laborious and takes a lot of development effort. PLUS getting the data back out again is hideous. If it’s hard to read it, why bother.

There could be alternatives to deliver what you need to know. If you give more info here, people may be able to help you.

Am I the only person who read this to about the history of changes in their BUBBLE app? Rather than the client-facing changes?

I understand how to build this for my own app but would love to be able to see what changes my team has made in bubble itself.

I.e., did they edit a text box, change a button, etc.

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