How to create a job board

I am facing a problem, how to create a job board? can i anyone help me with this

Are you looking for a freelancer to build it or are you looking for an explanation so you could build it yourself?

Hey boston, i wanted to build it myslef, can you help me in this ?

It is quite easy on Bubble. I suggest to watch several tutorials on youtube or buy some cources of Zeroqode (just to understand how to structure data and create interfaces and workflows). In 3-4 weeks you will cope up with this

Best thing is as @a.v.krikunenko said about tutorials and courses. Even looking at templates helps.

Hey can you help me in this ? i’ve created a job post form but wanted to post on homepage.

Yeah i have research on google and youtube as well but not found any useful, i’ve created a job post form but wanted to post on homepage.

Maybe you can share here the access to your app (to understand what you exactly want)?

sorry I cant do this but all want to post a job that will show up on my homepage.

Basically, If you created all interface elements - you need to:

  1. Definde data structure (which elements you are going to save and in whcich formats)
  2. Create proper workflows to save data

For one of my projects I have created job creation form you need.

okay can you tell me what is process to create a job board ?

i’ve made this form, all I wanted to know when ever a person post a job that will appear on my homepage.

@a.v.krikunenko can you help me in this ? i’ll be very thankful you. :slight_smile:

First of all - you need to find out how to structure your data.
In my case - I decided to use the following structure:

In my structure some elements are relied on different elements like this

My Job creation process includes 3 steps:

On every screen you need to have a save button (you can name it as you wish, but it needs a saving functionality).

To this button you have to attach a save functionality

thank you i’ll get back to you if i face any problem thanks again for a nice gesture

Then, whan button Next (or Save) is pressed - your data saved to databas.
The thing you need to do - to show necessary information on different screen like this

And you will get something like that

Then - just improve the design and it is all.

you can send me private message or send link to your app. I will try to do my best to help

okay give me your skype id

you can find me by my email -