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How to create a repeating group loading / Lazy Loading?

Hi Bubble community :wave:

Does anybody knows how to create a repeating group with loading like this ?


@ZeroqodeTeam have a plugin for that but I’ve not tested it myself.

Hi @Jici
I will check it out on their website
Thanks :+1:

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You can also have a conditional format rule that when the repeating group is loading is “no” then it’s visible, and a placeholder repeating group is visible.

Hi @tyler11
I want an animation like that (when repeating group is loading)
is it possible ? (I don’t find it anywhere)

I don’t have much experience but I don’t think you can simply say ‘when the repeating group is loading’, instead I think you need to specify the items which will be displayed, for example, if you are showing a list of User’s favorite colors, you’d say;

When repeating group’s list of User’s favorite colors <1, then show image/animation.

As I say, I’ve not much experience but just throwing my penny’s worth out there!

Hi @darren.james7518
I think you misunderstood…
Sorry for not providing the complete scenario
I have a repeating group with images & text like this (see the end of GIF) :point_down:

But it takes some time to load the repeating group (so “during loading/while it gets loaded” i would like to show an animation like this :point_up_2:)

@sam.morgan any idea/help please ?

This post seems to have a potential solution for you Giphy Animated gif on page load - #4 by gautch

It’s as I thought;

When repeating group items <1, then show GIF animation.
When repeating group items +>1, then HIDE GIF animation.

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I forgot about GIF :man_facepalming:
Thanks :+1: