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How to create a search filter for repeating group with search element

How To Create A Search Filter For Repeating Group With Search Element?

Hello Bubble Community. I need help as I’m having difficulty creating a search filter for a repeating group of users.

I followed this video from bubble academy demonstrating, exactly the outcome I want to achieve: Filtering Repeating Groups | Tutorial - YouTube

PROBLEM IS I followed step by step instructions shown in this video and the results don’t work for me.

HOWEVER I DID NOTICE that the options provided for the search element are different in the video tutorial compared to the options presented to me for my search element in bubble.
The search element panel for me:

The search element panel in video tutorial:

Now I’m not sure what to do.

Please help!

Those are two different elements. You need to use the input element and not the searchbox element.

It works now. Thank You! With both panels having the name search, I had mistaken the input panel for being search panel.

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