I'm trying to filter a repeating group - help!

I have spent almost every evening for WEEKS trying to create a search page with several different filters, I am tearing my hair out! I’ve got so far but now I am well and truly stuck - any help gratefully appreciated.

So: I have a repeating group showing items of clothing. I want it to show every item in the database when the page loads. I want to be able to filter this list down using four category buttons (types of weather), an age range slider, a checkbox for free postage and, ideally, a text search box. I’d like to have multiple filters in use at the same time - for example I’d like to be able to search for ‘hats’ then narrow it down by age and free postage, or see all results for ‘cold weather’ and ‘wet weather’ at the same time.

I can get the category filter working and the checkbox filter working (thanks to the amazingly useful example from @fayewatson, thank you, thank you, thank you!) but not both at the same time. I can’t get the age range slider working at all and I’m not sure why as I thought this bit would be simple. I haven’t tackled the search box yet!

It looks something like this - I’m so sorry, it’s a mess!


Hi Hannah,
I haven’t done enough of search filtering (yet!) to confidently answer you but have you seen @romanmg video about something similar?

I feel your frustration… I’m so sorry! Good luck!


Hey @hannah1 :slight_smile: Ah! I know filters can be super tricky/frustrating to set up! So glad to here the other example was helpful, here is an adjusted example with Clothing and the options you described:



I’m sorry I would do a better step-by-step but am about to head out the door, but the main data types to look at in this are Category (Weather) and Clothing. Then the conditional formatting of the repeating group shows how the data source changes depending upon which Categories are selected. The only workflows for this have to do with the custom state “SelectedWeatherCategories” (type: Category (Weather), list: yes) on the Repeating Group Clothing element. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or need help setting this up! :slight_smile:


Oh my goodness, you are a hero! This looks brilliant, thank you so much. I am going to tackle it tonight and will report back - thank you.

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Thank you Jen, it’s helpful to know it’s not just me! Getting this right is becoming a bit of an obsession but it’s going to feel sooooo satisfying when I’ve got it all working!

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Hi again - I’ve just had a crack at this and… I’ve got it working! It nearly broke my brain but it’s working! It is totally thanks to your amazing example, I simply cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. The site I’m working on is a non-profit and I’ve been working on it in the evenings so this really has a been a huge help. Thank you again.

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Ah! That’s the best news! It’s my pleasure! And that’s so awesome to hear you’re building this for a non-profit! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about it as you continue to build out the app! :smiley:

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