How to create a showcase video for your app?

Maybe if @levon could answer himself because I’m trying to recreate this video for my own app:

What video making tool can I beginner like me use to make something like that? I’m presenting my app at a conference in July

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or maybe someone else from @ZeroqodeTeam @ZeroqodeSupport can help fill in too :slight_smile:

Best combo with the smallest learning curve possible.

  1. (worth the one time license and doesn’t break the bank)

  2. (solid templates to learn how it’s done and then create your own).


Awesome, those are great sites I’ve started playing around with them already and they look promising for trying to replicate that video


Just wanted to update you guys. does an amazing job with screen captures.

As far as video editing software - surprisingly CapCut is not only easy to use but also very capable. I’ve already almost nearly replicated the video above

Update - I’ve nearly finished my showcase video and after trying a few programs, CapCut is it! I’ve never done video editing before and it was really easy to learn, and like Bubble gets more powerful the more you tinker with it. It rivals Final Cut Pro which is $$$$

If anyone wants to test it out themselves give it a go here. We’ll both get 7 days free of the Pro version. CapCut Desktop