How to create an extra field on registration / sign-up

Hi all,

I am currently struggling with the default ‘sign-up’ process. I’ve looked through the video’s and tutorials, of how to structure the user sign up process. However, In my app my proposed users can choose 3 roles (bronze, silver, gold). My aim is add this feature to the sign up process, as an addition to the standard mail and password input forms. Also, I would like that store that information directly in the database under the ‘role’ variable. This is because the role will determine how much of the app is accessible for the user.

So my questions are:

  1. How can I add an extra field (drop-down menu) where a user can select its ‘role’ upon sign-up?
  2. How can this information be directed and saved on the server, since it’s not a new element (the data type element is already added as a feature of User):


Add your field to the User data type.

Then on signup, set the extra fields.

Then pull it back using Current user’s FirstName (or whatever).

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@NigelG, thank you very much for helping me out! It’s all clear to me now and I can continue working on my app !!

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