Create an extra field upon registration

I am struggling with creating the user sign up process, I would like to store an organization name connected to the user as the user signs up… seems pretty straight forward just like storing their email and password. However when I try to this it thinks I want to enter a formula?

On other help forums this looks pretty straight forward but I am unsure why it will not let me just store the new information

What is the value type for the OrgName field?

Appreciate the response Johnny, only a couple weeks into exploring bubble.
‘Text’ and ‘Organization’? Forgive me if I misunderstood your question.

Perhaps would be helpful if I gave more database context, the data type ‘organization’ will have multiple fields and the data type user should be tied to an organization

So what I mean is what is the type of field for the field OrgName. To find this, head over to Data > User, then screenshot the row OrgName


Yea so I recommend you using a search box instead of a input box

I wont know the users organization though? How can I provide the information that he/she would search for ahead of time?

If you want the user to enter an org name, what you can do is keep the input field but for the OrgName type make it text instead of Organization. If you want the user to pick from an Organization, my suggestion would be to use a dropdown or search box

Yes but I would like to create an actual new and separate organization (that is a date type itself) when a user inputs it in… or create a new ‘thing’ that is an organization to put it another way?

Oh instead of attaching it to the user on sign up just proceed with making an organization with all the fields, then after you did the create a new thing workflow do Account > Make changes to current user, add a new field to change, organization, then make the data result of step 1