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How to create an website like this?

I want to create a website like this or so let me sumup the website on
homepage there are books with tiles user click on the book and it takes them to book page where there is description and below description two taps review , Chapters. When click on chapter taps it open Chapter taps with Chapter like
Chapter 1 beginning
Chapter 2 the end
Chapter 3 again beginning
And so on.

And there will be a lot of books and I also want to give user access to upload books and Chapters it’s not one time upload but mostly going.
I want to know also how to build backend
I have experience with WordPress and I have recently (yesterday ) come to bubble.

There is no easy answer fo question like “how to build page like this”. All i can say is that you can easly build it on bubble. I think, that after you take these lessons: , you will be able to build simmilar website.

You can also find simmilar website on these examples : . But working with these might be hard without completeing lessons, that i previously mentioned

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Okay I have completed the basic videos to he more specific. I can’t find a video/lesson where on one page I want to show multiple posts/Chapter like this

Hey! This is a simple example, but should help you get started.

Here’s how I’d begin to structure the database:

Data Type — BOOKS
Fields — Chapters (type = list of chapters), book title (type = text), book cover (type = image), book author (type = text)

Data Type — Chapters
Fields — Book (type = book), chapter body (type = text), chapter number (type = number)

First you’ll create the book in your DB. Then you’ll create chapters where the “book” field is linked to its parent book, and add the chapter to the book.

What you’re left with is a searchable structure within each book so users can search by chapter.

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Thanks with this I can get started at least

Great — most important thing here is making sure that your data is linked…making sure that the book has an accurate list of “chapters” database records, and chapters are linked to the proper “book”

Using the chapter number field, you’ll be able to sort the repeating group with chapters listed through sorting by chapter number.

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