How to create Checkbox with links to specific works

I am using the default checkbox feature of Bubble on a Sign-Up pop-up. I want the user to check the box with string next to it saying:

I agree to the Terms & Privacy policy.

Here the words ‘Terms’ and ‘Privacy policy’ are two separate pages with separate URL. So ‘Terms’ needs to link to a site URL and another that links to the privacy policy url.


At the moment I’ve done it in a convoluted way of setting up the two as separate Text URLs with the & as a separate element and so on.

Could you suggest the best way to implement this and perhaps some steps on how to build it?

If I understand your question, you’re wanting to make sure the viewer has read both the Terms & the Privacy policy, and they do so by clicking that checkbox? If that’s what you need to do, you could instead make each of those links open up a PopUp Group containing that information, and having a condition on the checkbox that doesn’t allow the user to check it as Accepted until both PopUp Groups have been clicked/viewed. Would this work better for your purposes?

Thanks for your reply and appreciate. So I can make selective words from the Checkbox text pop-up links?

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Yes you can! On the editor, you’ll drag a ‘popup’ instead of a group, and then you put the agreement text in that popup and format accordingly. Create a workflow when the user clicks ‘Terms’ that will ‘show popup’ and at the bottom of the popup have a button that says ‘agreed’ or similar that triggers a workflow that will ‘hide popup’. This ‘agreed’ button could also flag your condition, state, etc that says they have read & agreed to that particular item as well, leading to allowing them to check the box (or the box can be auto-checked once both agreements & terms have been read).

Hi there, please tell me if you find the solution because I’m having the same problem. Thanks !