How to create custom links?

Hello all,

I’m working on a simple side project called Hot Takes and need some help in creating custom links.

I want to give users an ability to generate a list of items(hot takes) in a custom link where they can share it with others. Can anyone help how this can be done.

Appreciate any suggestions or help. Thanks for your time.

Hey @sharathchandra.kurug

What do you want the link structure to be? or

Hey @ambroisedlg thanks for checking on with me.

Yes, I would like to know both as I’m exploring multiple optinos for my idea. I would highly appreciate if you can direct me how to achieve both use-cases!

You can try “URL router for navigation” plugin. I haven’t used it yet but you can check it out. It may help.

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Hey @grace.hallak. Thanks so much for the suggestion. That’s an interesting approach, generating URL’s using a plugin. Will definitely check it out.

Hey @sharathchandra.kurug

Both methods require pretty much the same setup, although I was asking as you’ll need each ItemList to have a unique name for the custom link to be unique (and therefore redirect to the right list of Hot Takes). I’d recommend using the format, as the ItemList’s name uniqueness would be per user (meaning two users having the same ItemList name won’t be a problem), rather than across the whole app.

You can watch this video made by @romanmg to learn how to create custom URLs (btw do check out her other videos to fast-track the learning curve, they’re amazing)

And feel free to drop a message here in case you have any questions

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This is great @ambroisedlg thanks so much for the suggestion. Also huge fan of Gaby’s tutorials, I learned a ton from her. I will look into the one you suggested and circle back here.

Sudsy Page might be helpful for this. It’s a paid plugin - a professional grade URL router that works with reusable elements, has automatic link detection, and supports query string parameters as well as context states. It also has great demos and documentation.

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