List of text links

Has anyone made a list of links, based on text …

So “Amy, Bob, Carol” where each name is a link to a page ?

Can do it in an RG, but that doesn’t look too good.


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It will work if you save the names in a link format and present this list in the HTML element.

Preview :

Editor :

Hope it helps.


You sir, are a genius.

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Thank you :blush:

In case anyone comes across this in the future …

I was creating a list of Users, with a link to a Profile page.

So added a “link” field on the User, and set this to :-

<a href="**App Version**/profile/**This User's Unique Id**" target="_blank">**This User's short name** </a>

And on the page listed these out in an HTML element.

As aside, if you run a DB update to populate this on an existing set of data using a Backend work flow, the Bubble built in “thing’s link” which should forward it to a destination page, doesn’t work as it points to instead of your app.

That is why I hardcoded the URL.

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So version-test is hard coded as well? How is publishing to live handled? I would think that the Website home URL expression would come in handy here.

Or am I misunderstanding something?

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Ah, no. I lost that on copying.

version- and then “App Version” (test / live / whatever) sorts that out.

Have raised a bug about the thing’s link.

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