How to create excel or spreadsheet in bubble

Hello bubblers,

Please how can I create a spreadsheet on bubble where by user can fill in there daily or weekly activites, this is mainly to track there progress, so i have difficulty in doing this, please how can i do it.

Please your reply will be so much appreciated


There is an excel like table but still you should design what each cell is doing yourself. It is not very different than a repeating group. But yes, technically, put a few input elements and they can start reporting.

The issue is the table, it is coming out like a repeating group, its telling me to input those data from the data base. How can I make the table dynamic so that it will be fillable by the user and not as to come out like a repeating group

Yes that’s the core idea. What you can do is to give them a table and a plus button which will add an empty thing in the database (specifically to the source datatype) which will show it in the table of course, and the user can fill it.

If the user decides not to fill it, you can check these kinds of empty things later on to clear them out.

Ohhh i think i get you, let me do that.
Thanks alot