Entry Data on Table like Excel Spreadsheet

How to create an input form on table, likes input a data in excel spreadsheet? Any advice, please?

Add an input element in the repeating group that you are creating. Do bear in mind that the repeating group needs to have at least one row of data to show for this to work.


thanks @anil it works…but then i have a problem to create data structure for that type, do you have any idea?

I am not sure I understand. What data type are you trying to set? Is it different from the repeating group data type?

Hi @anil thanks for your response

Actually I try to create an input form type like an excel spreadsheet for my project management app. See picture below

Is it possible to save data with entry form like that? if it possible then i confused how to create workflow for saving data. Hope you have any ideas to help me :slight_smile:


Yes its possible. This is a repeating group with input fields. You have 2 options to save data in this case.

  1. Add a save button for the row. The user will have to click on this button which will trigger a make changes workflow.

  2. Use autobinding for each input field that will save the data as its entered by the user. In this case you do not need a save button. You will however need a button to create a new empty row.

The way this works is that bubble needs at least a row in the database to show the first row of the repeating group. To achieve this, you’ll have to trigger the create a new thing workflow at some stage for the first time to show the first blank row to the user.

Happy to help you out with this in case you wish.


Hi @anil, thanks a lot for your help…

Could you please give me detail explanation how to create button to create a new empty row as you said on choice number 2? also way to trigger a new thing workflow when it first time access by user? very need your help because there are many things that i still don’t understand in bubble

What plugin did you use to create the table above? How did you change the colors of the header?


@mgray I use a repeating group with insert an Input elements ini RG Cell for create a table like that…
For header, I create a group, add a text within but custom text properties to make it looks like a Column header
Till now i didn’t find any plugin that match for create a table like Excel spread sheet…

Thanks for getting back to me! Much appreciated.

Is your app private or can you share? I wanted to see how you set up the page because I can’t get mine to work. Let me know if you can do that. Thanks for your help!


try this from @levon stable of plugins Editable Data Table like Excel - New Plugin from Zeroqode

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