How to create fields in field

How should be database for list like
- veg
- organic
- non organic
- Non veg
Here i can add veg as a field in food data type but how to add organic and organic fields inside veg which is field i.e.field in field.

You would have two types of things, Food and Veg.

First create Veg and include a field called organic of type yes/no

For Food, you would include a field of data type Veg and click the list box if there will be multiple Veg’s on Food.

Of course, add any other fields you need to both Veg and Food.

There is a video up here: called Defining types of things. It references an older interface, but it might help you learn the concept.


Sorry Ken I think I have given bad example. I always imagine data type as table in a spreadsheet and field as a column.Capture
Above image may present what I want to ask.

I have watched documentation video on data types now I am confused with user as data type for another field.May be I am asking too many stupid questions I have no coding knowledge.If someone explain me with simple example how this thing,field,type of field works in bubble it will be helpful for me design apps.