How To Create Filters On 2 Things


I’m trying to filter out constraints on two different things. I think the easiest way to see my issue is watching my youtube video. Thanks for any advice!


I found it a little difficult to follow but it looks to me like you need a field for project on your bid table. You say at the start that each project has a bid within it. Should it not be the other way round, where each bid is for a project? If I assume correctly then a project field on the bid would allow you to search for Current company’s bids filtered by Advanced: This bid’s project’s stage is bidding. Something like that anyway.

Or maybe add a list of companies in your bids table section. You’re close :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying to help me. I made a table to help explain better.

Stage	Bid	Stage	Bid	Stage	Bid	

User 1 Bidding $1,000.00 Bidding $5,000.00 Won $6,000.00 $6,000.00
User 2 Bidding $2,000.00 Bidding $5,000.00 Lost $8,000.00 $7,000.00

Not exactly clean when I copied and paste. Here is a summary on how it should work.

Search the data base for Projects that are in the bidding stage. Then go to that Bid within each project and sum total them.


Do I need to go the other direction. Find all Bids by user and sum them. Then link to the Projects and sum total the bids for the projects on in the “bidding” stage?

User 1 should = $6,000. The last one is not in the bidding stage.

User 2 should = $7,000. The last one is not in the bidding stage.



Create new field in the Project table for link the another table (Bid). which is more quick and you can get the exact data.

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To clarify. Are you saying search Projects that are bidding and then a 2nd search for Bids by user?


Search Bids by user -> Projects that are bidding?

There are a lot more Bids than Projects because there can be 100+ bids on each project. Which is more efficient database wise?

Which is more quick? Search Projects 1st that are bidding & then find Bids by user?


Find Bids by user & then search Projects that are bidding?

There are 100x’s more bids than projects because you can have 50 bids/project. Which should I search 1st?

Can you let me know what you think? It looks like it should be working perfectly. It seems sum totaling all projects even though I put the constraint to be “Bidding” only.

Your advanced filter is not referencing the bid from what I can see. It needs to say something like “this bid’s” project’s stage is bidding or search for projects (stage = bidding) contains this bid’s project. These will only work if you have a project field on your bid, which was my previous point.

As others have suggested you could also have a bids field on your project which should make the search more efficient.

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I would like to clarify your second point on how to make it more efficient. I have fields like this:

  1. Project has a “list of bids” field. Projects have many bids so I need that field.

Are you suggesting create another Bid field and call it Bids so I can connect to the Bids table??

I had to hit the “This bids” project stage is bidding! 4 hours of trying :slight_smile:

thanks for the help!

Sorry for delay reply.

Use Search of Project and get the sum of total on linked Bidding. I hope this will more quick compared to Search of Bidding.

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