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Hi everyone,

Quick question and I’ll try to explain as best as possible since it’s a bit complicated, but maybe a nice puzzle for someone.

  • I’ve got 3 tables in my database let’s call them A, B and C
  • Now A has a 2 fields, a reference to B and field Value1 which holds an number
  • B on it’s turn has a reference field to C
  • C has a field called Value2 which is a boolean

Drawn out

  • Value1
  • RefB


  • RefC


  • Value2

Want I want to do now is:

Get the sum of Value1 but filter/search constrain it, such that only A-B-C-Value2 = “Yes”

I’ve tried all sorts of things, but it doesn’t seem to work

Maybe try rephrasing the question or posting a link to the app for others to help out?
Mostly not sure what “A-B-C-Value2=Yes” means?

One thing that often helps with advanced search/filtering is saving fields directly on the item you want to search for. So if it’s possible to save C (or a list of C’s) on A?

You can use “contains” and “search for” in search constraints to do the same work as a filter without having to use a filter.

Search for A

  • constraint [RefB is in search for B]

Search for B

  • constraint [RefC is in search for C]

Search for C

  • constraint [value2 = yes]

When they’re nested inside of each other, Search B will depend on the results of Search C, and Search A will depend on the results of Search B, which depends on the results of Search C.

Here’s where I use it

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