How to create Nested Folders


Looking for the best way to structure folders that have sub folders. The same as you can do on your computer.

User creates Root folder (a) then user creates 2 folders in (a) (ab) and (ac). This can continue indefinitely (bd), (be) - (ef), (fg)

There is no predetermined amount of folders, sub folders and sub folders of sub folders that can be created

Final piece of this puzzle… how do we display them in a repeating group, if there is no predetermined amount.

Thanks for your help?

Datatype Folder
With a field “Parent Folder” (type Folder)

You have a group with the type Folder, with a RG inside that searching for Folders where the Parent Folder = Parent group’s Folder.

When they click a folder it sets that main group’s Folder to the new one and the cycle continues…

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Sounds simple

So, even though I have created 1 group with 1RG… even if there are 10 levels of folders, would they all be displayed at once?

If not, is there a way to do this?

Not really displayed at once, but you can continuously click folders to go into them. Then if you need a back button just set the main group’s folder to Parent group’s Folder’s Parent Folder

Ok thanks… will give it a go

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