Turn My Folder Structure into A Flat View With Breadcrum Trail

Hi there, I followed a great tutorial in order to build a prototype for a folder/file explorer.:

The requirements have come on since then, they/I want to be able to show folders and files in the one main RG. I want to be able to drill into folders in the one RG. I also need to dynamically create a breadcrumb above so I can go back up the stack.

Same as One Drive etc, basically. I’m struggling because the way I have it set up is that the left hand RG has Folders and the main RG shows the documents of that folder.

Massively appreciate any help on this.

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Have you had any luck on this, i.e. via a plug-in or template ???
Would be interested in something similar

I don’t know if there is a plugin for this specific function.

What I think is it would need to be created in the app itself. Database structure would be very important to be capable of referencing and retrieving the information correctly.

What is also needed is a nested repeating group with some basic conditionals set up to hide/show folders and contents.

For example, the left side R.G. that shows all the folders, would need to have a nested R.G. that would show the files of that folder. Simple way is to set the nested R.G. datasource to be current cells folder’s list of files and the data type be files.

It would take some time to think through all the necessary components and conditionals to get it to work without a hitch, but my first instinct is to begin with creating the nested repeating group.


Here is a quick example app

Hi Boston85719 - so sorry for the late reply. Yes, that looks far more like what I’m after!!! Thank you very much.

Just looked at your example and it makes perfect sense!!! I feel like I would have never have got there! Brilliant. Thank you.

Yes, I think your approach answers my question totally.

Hi Botson85719, this is great, you’ve well and truly helped me right out here. I’m about 90% there now, as apposed to 10%.

Can’t thank you enough.

No worries…there is a lot of polishing up to do on that especially with hiding and showing things. Remember when needing to collapse the height of a repeating group you need it to be contained in another group that gets the “collapse when hidden” box checked.

Yes, no doubt. I seem to be ok with the finishing off, it the earlier structure of things I keep missing things out on. But this has brought me almost to the conclusion I needed. Again, thanks for you effort and time!

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