How to create product related to many categories

Hello guys,
I need help with my db.
I want to create the app where equipment will be related to product which can be in subcategory related to many categories.
for example,

In subcategory table I created category field with list of categorys

I added some categories, but I don’t see them in Subcategory table during adding records into database

How can I solve it?

You just have to start typing in order to see categories in that menu, then select one and click ‘add’…

By default, the primary display field will be set to the unique ID - so you’ll have to start typing the category’s unique ID in order to see the categories (which won’t be much help).

So, change the primary display field for Category to something easier to work with (such as its Name), then you can just type the category name into the category field in the data editor and the Category should appear.

I started typing, but I saw nothing. Categories are in the list

Hi there, @rehiw79948… did you do what Adam mentioned and change the primary field for Category from the unique ID to the category’s name? If you haven’t, click this button, make that change, and you should be good to go.


Thank you, but I did it.

Hard to say without being able to look under the hood. I’m assuming you have categories in your database. I also assume it’s not a “development vs. live version” thing (you know the development and live databases are completely separate, right?). Are you willing/able to share a read-only link to your editor? It really should be as simple as typing a category’s title, and it should appear so you can add it to the list.