How to create the comments for actions when bubbling

How can effectively comment my actions?

When using the custom coding, I would specify the list of the actions in an Excel file, and then I would specify the comments in the code base. Here’s an example - Imgsh: fast, simple image sharing service, and I would then create the comments in React.

I have been using this method when learning HTLM, CSS, React and I am currently learning the core Python. This has been extremely helpful since I am learning how to create the codebase and I can always refer back to my own codebase and remember how I did this or that feature.

Since Bubble is a visual programming platform, there’s nowhere to make such comments since there’s no codebase for us to deal with here. It’s behind the curtains, as we understand.

The only way I can think of is creating the screenshots and marking the actions I take there. It’s tedious, but it’ll help me remember the steps - just like how it was with the custom coding environment - and it’ll allow me to keep learning the craft.


  1. Excel with the action plan - Imgsh: fast, simple image sharing service
  2. Screenshot for action 1 - Imgsh: fast, simple image sharing service


  1. I use the multi-level task management approach in excel to manage the parent-child tasks, which means that I’ll be able to gradually start reusing the whole sections of the list dealing with the creation of specific functionalities across the apps.
  2. Naturally, with time, most of the operations will become well-known and I’ll just avoid creating the screenshots for the specific actions that I know how to do. But I think that it’ll be useful to just keeping to log of the actions - without screenshots. The reason being that it’ll be easier to potentially teach the future junior developers, keep the logics working inside my head, build similar apps for customers and debug the problems.

What do you think about this?

I’m not entirely sure this is what you’re asking about…

But you can write comments/notes on any action, workflow, element, datatype, field, option set, privacy rule (pretty much anything) right in the editor:

Comments & Notes - Bubble Docs

Well, I was kinda asking whether the screenshots approach would be a good substitution for the approach that I was using with the custom code. So, it wasn’t so much about Bubble itself, but rather about the overall approach.

Also, I don’t think that it was like a problem that I had, but I am looking more for recommendations and critique of my overall approach.

With regard to your suggestion, idk… it might be impossible for me to recreate the overall sequence of actions that I performed in order to create an app, right?