How to create Trial period and paid plans

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I am developing a SaaS platform and would like to create trial period for user accounts and paid plan functionality.

So far users can sign up on the platform for free and have access to the full platform - I would like to create a functionality where the user can sign up for free on trial period (let’s say 12 days) with limited platform functionality - and have an option to upgrade to a paid plan once the trial is finished.

This is my pricing model:

Can someone please advise how I can create such functionality and what what payment gateway I should use.

Many thanks for the help.

Most people use Stripe.

In terms of setting up functionality, there are various approaches you could take…one might be to put on a user data type a field that is some how associated with the plan or at the least them being on a free trial period…then you could set up conditionals for how to allow them access to different features based on that data field

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Hi Ben,
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Can billflow help me achieve the above functionality with my pricing model?

Hey Osaqur - yeah definitely!

This is a use-case I’ve helped implement before in Bubble using our Billflow plugin

Essentially the way to implement it is to set up your pricing to be a flat subscription at signup/checkout (the billflow pricing page makes that easy)

You will need to set up a backend workflow that receives the stripe webhook for subscription update to track every new billing period (when a new billing period happens you need to add “candidates” to their account)

Lastly you will need three separate checkout pages pointing to a product in Stripe separate from your flat subscription that will represent purchasing “additional candidates” using Billflow’s quantity management checkout.

These checkout pages will be accessible based on what tier they are on (this makes the price per additional candidate change based on the tier they are on)

you will also need one more backend workflow that receives a stripe webhook to receive the additional quantity of candidates being purchased

I’d be happy to hop on a call or talk about this use-case more in depth if you want!

Hi Ben,

Thank you for getting back so quick - This is great news I have been trying to figure this out from a while now.

Indeed a call would be very helpful, please let me know your availability sometime this week.

Many thanks.

Awesome, just DM’d you my calendar

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