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Billflow - Stripe made easy is a plugin built by the Billflow team with the purpose of making it easy for SaaS companies to sell subscriptions in Bubble


  • Add any Billflow billing page to a Bubble application
    Checkout users, display pricing pages, and give customers a self-service portal to manage their subscriptions
  • Craft your own billing flow with Bubble workflows
    Billing page elements all create Bubble events that you can trigger workflows off of, so you can know when users subscribe/change plan without complex logic involved
  • Customize your Billing pages in Billflow
    Fully customizable billing pages allows you to have beautiful Billflow pages that match your Bubble application’s style and feel

Use Cases

  • Build your own user experience for creating subscriptions/one-off payments
  • Allow your users to update their credit card, upgrade/downgrade, or cancel their plans
  • Give your customers an easy way to download their invoices right from your app
  • Implement complex billing scenarios like per-user or metered billing
  • Create and store Stripe data to your database
  • Generate dynamic pricing pages based on your Stripe products


Here are some useful resources to help with installation and usage.

Plugin Documentation
A robust guide on how to get setup with the Billflow - Stripe made easy plugin.

Billflow Docs

Tutorial Videos

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread


Great product! Makes Stripe integration super easy

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High-quality product and magnificent customer support! If you have a subscription-based platform and want to save time implementing the monetization part, just drag-and-drop Billflow, and you’ll be ready to go :wink:

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An amazing product! Really well-done bill flow! Please may I ask if your website was built in bubble? If it was it is excellent.

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Thanks David, looking into it - what version of the Billflow plugin are you using?

Hi Ben
Billflow plugin version 4.0.1

Im using the Billflow Checkout Forms

As a side note thank you for this latest video How to be SCA compliant in Bubble using Stripe 3D Secure https://youtu.be/s6uApxRPfPY

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Thanks for the high praise Tim :pray:

Our website was built in Webflow

Hey David,

I’m trying to replicate the issue on my end - however I’m not seeing the same behavior.

Would be super helpful if you could send me a link to the checkout page in Bubble showing that issue, also a screenshot of your billing page element would be great :pray:

Just published a video on how to implement a per-user billing model using Billflow

Check it out here: How to build a per-seat application using Bubble and Stripe - YouTube

Hello, it seems there is a problem with 3DS process in Billflow.

I am using a Checkout Page

When running a checkout process with a non-3DS card ==> all good.
When running a checkout process with a 3DS card ==> I run into an error as follows :

The result is : payment succeeds as i can see in stripe dashboard
But the plugin sends an error. Workflows will not trigger as expected making the process useless in Bubble.

Any idea what is going on ?


Edit : Only happens when using V4 of checkout page
Edit 2 : When using Checkout page V3, plugin is working BUT will not populate states like stripe customer ID or Stripe Subcription ID, making the plugin useless

Hi there - I’m trying to get Billflow, but I can only “Request Access” on the site and no one has gotten back to me so far. Is this product winding down after merging with Stripe?

Billflow shut down its operations since joined Stripe.
The Plug-ins stopped working.
We offer free migration with PriceWell.io to continue your billing as seamlessly as before.

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So did billflow ever offer customers a migration strategy for moving to stripe?