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How to deal with 1 Billion record of buyers?

I am new to bubble,I have 1 bilions records of buyers
It has their name email and the products they bought before.
I need to host it and make it searchable,then I can use it.
Any idea on that?

Firestore and algolia

Or bubble. I’d imagine it could scale to that size

Thanks for your help,but for bubble,if we upload so huge data, can it handle it?its in txt format
or we need some plugin to do that?

It will take forever…. Can’t even guess how much long… more than a month I think :joy: you will have to cut it in thousands parts…

Bubble let you make this upload thru a CSV file, without any plugin.

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Thanks for your help.
I think bubble has the limit on storage?
The files around 400gb,Maybe bubble will not let me to upload so big data?

There is a limit on the total size of your assets (files) not your total records (on a paid plan)

I’m more interested in how you got your hands on a list of a billion buyers :smiley: Thats one seventh of the world’s population. That list must be worth a fortune.