500,000 Records - Is there a limit to database size?

I saw a post about having 50,000 records in one database. Is it possible to have 500k?

I have uploaded test segments of 5000 and these work great. But want to scale it to full and it will take me a while to get the data in. Just wanted to know before I get started.

We don’t have hard limits on the database size. Just keep in mind that making changes to a list of things, if the list if big can take some time, but otherwise Bubble should be able to handle it fine.


Brilliant - good to hear. I will bear that in mind, luckily they are just a few changes at a time.

Where I can read about bubbl’s database?

Hi emmanuel, so that means if my database does not have uploaded images or files in it and just pure records, it won’t eat up the 10GB limit?

sorry if this is a stupid question or I haven’t read about it


The only time there is a limit (now) is on the “free” tier where there is a limit on the number records.

You can happily smash a million records (non file) into a personal plan and it won’t complain.