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Millions of rows can bubble search features work on that size of a dataset?

  1. Can bubble’s system handle me uploading millions of rows of product data?

  2. Can bubble’s internal query system handle searching on such a large dataset?

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If you’re ready to pay enough, yes.


So a user trying to filter on a bubble hosted DB is not going to have issues with slow response times, and timeouts?

Why are people needing to use Algolia?

Hey @court,

It should work okay without using the Algolia.

I had the same question before, so I decided to test it.

  1. There are 1 868 420 of records:

  2. The following preview page shows the total and the first four records immediately:


Note: The app is on the free plan.

The most important thing is to structure the database in the right way.

For instance, for a Product table you need to create an additional one Product Details that will have such fields as a full description, list of images, etc.

The idea is to have a light table to avoid issues with its slow preloading/loading.

You need to be ready for the following things to do in the case if you want to use the Algolia:

  • Custom pagination
  • More workflows for displaying data because you need to run it within a workflow’s action
  • Handle things on the Algolia side
  • Additional privacy configuration


Nice example and some good points raised on setup.

Interested what the capacity logs look like when working with this amount of data in terms of performance capacity and if it maxes out quickly doing to many searches? Cheers

That is a good question! :thinking:
I don’t have an answer for this. It might be a good idea to check it out.
I’ll let you know if I’ll have an update for this.


Thanks - it indeed would be interesting to know the impact of this amount of data entries.

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The selected answer definitely provides useful info but I think in general gives the wrong impression. If you were to take that same database with 1Million+ urls in it and try to search for the ones that start with “goog” it would take a looooooooong time for " to pop up.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but native search in Bubble simply does not work well on datasets with more than 1 thousand to 4 thousand entries).