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How to deal with changing domain in Live app?

Setting new domain name will crash my app for a while until DNS propagation. How to make it so that the end users don’t need to wait to use app?

Hi there @vovahumnytskiy,

It depends on which registar your domain is hosted on. For me I use Cloudflare and it’s almost instantaneous when it comes to setting up my domain.

I need to find a professional approach that is flexible and can be reliably applied with any hosting so that users don’t see that the app is crashed. I wish there was a feature to specify domain in DEVELOPMENT and enable new domain in LIVE by deploying only after DNS propagation. Currently, if I try to set new domain in DEVELOPMENT, it will harm LIVE instantly without deploy.

There isn’t a feature like that, but you could announce ahead of time on your status page and social media that you’ll be conducting some maintenance.

Why not setup the new domain name, allow plenty of time for DNS to propagate. Then switch the Bubble app (dev/live) to this new domain?

When you switch your domain in Bubble, it automatically pushes to the live production version.

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