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How to delete a data type

I’m in the App Data tab, and I have three types.

One is user which is fine and the other two should only be one. One can be deleted which I do (this is the only data type with a trash icon next to it), but then what happens is, I go on the remaining type, correct the typo, and then when I correct the typo, a new data type has been created again. Therefore, I seem to only be able to have both at once or only the one with the typo and cannot correct it without it creating a third data type. This seems like a very basic questions but I can only find posts regarding how to delete fields within data types, but not the actual data under the App Data tab.


Can you post some screenshots to show more details about the issue you’re having?

Deleting a datatype is a simple as clicking the trash icon next to is (perhaps you’re confusing datatypes with database views?). You can edit a datatype’s name just by editing the ‘Type Name’ field.

Some screenshots of what you’re doing might help make the problem clearer…

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 12.42.46
As you can see there, there’s only one trash icon. And like I said when I delete that one and correct the typo on the one below, a third type is then created and the cycle repeats.


Ahh, as I thought…

You’re looking in the wrong place…

You’re currently on the ‘App Data’ tab, which is where you see your database views and database entries… not where you see and edit datatypes.

Database views are just ways to set which fields you want to view for specific datatypes when looking at the database in the Bubble editor (and also when exporting data).

Each datatype has, by default, 1 view (i.e. All Skills Offered) which can’t be deleted, but you can add additional ‘custom’ views if you want to see other fields on the data tab to help you view your data more easily. If you modify the default ‘All’ database view for a datatype, a new view will be created. You can delete database views (apart from the default ‘All Datatypes’ view) by clicking the trash icon.

But none of this has anything to do with your changing or deleting your actual datatypes…

To see, edit, and delete your datatypes, you need to be on the ‘Data Types’ tab…

On this tab you can view all your Datatypes, and their fields, and can edit or delete datatypes and fields.

To delete a datatype just click the trash icon next to the datatype itself.

To edit a datatype name, just edit the ‘Type Name’ field in the main panel.

This seems like a very basic questions but I can only find posts regarding how to delete fields within data types, but not the actual data under the App Data tab.

It’s possible I’ve misunderstood your question in my response above, and you’re actually asking how to delete data from the database?..

In which case you can either delete individual, or multiple items by selecting entries from the app data tab database view, then clicking the delete button. Or you can set up a back end workflow to delete database entries and run it on the datatype.

Sorry mate, that was a comprehensive answer indeed but I’m still not sure how to do what I asked. I’ve posted two photos here so you can see.

The first one showing data types is fine, it is the second photo where I’m having the issue. Like I said if I delete the only one with the trash icon, and then correct the typo on the remaining database, then a 3rd is created again.

By ‘Typo’ I assume you’re referring to the ‘s’ on the end of your datatype’s name on the database view?

Bubble always adds an ‘s’ to the end of datatype names when referring to them in the plural (such as on the data tab).

So it’s generally a good idea to name your datatypes in the singular (e.g. ‘Offered Skill’ rather than ‘Offered Skills’ or ‘Skills Offered’) just to avoid confusion - as that’s what they represent - i.e. a single database entry - (although, of course, what/how you name things within your app is entirely arbitrary and up to you).

Regarding deleting and editing database views… you can’t delete the default database view for a datatype.

And, as I said, if you edit the default view (name or fields to display) then a new view will be created for that datatype. But there’s no reason that should be an issue (database views don’t affect anything except what you see on the datatab, or what you export).

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