Delete Confirmation Data Types

Please create some kind of UX that allows us to confirm the deletion of a data type in the database. It is too simple to accidentally delete a data type and the undo button does not restore a data type. It would be better instead of the need to restore an application using a history restore because of an accidental deletion to instead just simply have a popup or some other method to press a confirmation button to delete the data type.

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Hmm, I must be missing something on this one (apologies if I am), but you can show deleted data types and restore them with one click.

Was just about to reply the same thing. You can find deleted data types here:


Restoring them will also restore where they were used in your app as well.

Thanks for that @rukevweb appreciate the screen shot for some enlightenment on the feature. Never knew that existed. Would still be nice to get the confirmation button though.

I deleted a data type as I had tripled tapped a button due to the sluggish response I was getting…the fourth tap took place as the button was getting removed and I deleted a datatype and I didn’t know which one it was as it all happened so fast.