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How to Delete a List of Things Faster?

Not sure why, but when I call the following API workflow, it is taking many minutes to even delete a handful of records. There are around 10,000 test records to delete, that each have only two fields (name, dob).


I have also tried an alternative technique of using a scheduled workflow as follows, and it too takes forever to loop through and delete these simple test records.

Is there a faster way to delete multiple records in bubble?

Is there a way to run a simple SQL statement given that the database is apparently Postgres?

E.g. DELETE * FROM Doofers


Would deleting the table and recreating a new table make sense? If you have to then go re-wire lots of references to the deleted table then probably not.

This is a common problem in the forum. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hey Lindsay, that would delete all those records. Not really the solution I need though, as I don’t want to have to delete a table (sql: delete table) every time I need to delete multiple records from a table (sql: delete * from table). As you say, this appears to be a known issue that is yet to be resolved by bubble.

Anyone at bubble able to resolve this please?


Funny thing - I’m just deleting ~1500 things in the DB. Watching it slowly chug through. Trying to guess what makes it so slow. Rebuilding indexes after each delete? Starting a new transaction for every delete? Some point in time recovery feature being over zealous…

Then I see this email from Bubble reporting resolution of the incident. Hahah wonder if it was me.

We’re still working on the fix, but the problem has stopped occurring. The issue was due to a specific query that was causing a brief database crash. That query is no longer currently running; the fix we’re working on is designed to prevent that query from crashing the database if it occurs again in the future