Need to delete 2L items from the table


I want to delete a table of database of 2 Lac. entries. In Bubble it is taking much time.
Is there any idea to delete or empty the table in Bubble?


Use bulk delete, or leave the table with an odd name and create a new table

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What I am about to recommend may have drawbacks and may not be the best way to do things but it did work for me when I needed to empty a table that already had several hundred thousand items in it. I was past the time limit for how far back I could revert my database (i.e. five days I think based on my plan). So what I did was simply overwrite my development database with my production database only for the table I wanted to empty. The reason why this worked is because my production DB was empty at the time. However, just exercise caution as this is one of those irreversible actions and since I don’t know your app, I don’t want to recommend anything that could break things inadvertently.

I have already think about it, but unfortunately I have also updated my Live DB and there are more than 2L entries.

Bulk is also taking much time, and creating a new table will deteriorate my workflow. :frowning:

Ah I see. Just to clarify, what exactly do you mean by 2L? I’m just unfamiliar with that nomenclature and understanding the amount of data may help me to think of a different solution.

I have imported a big amount of data in each single entry in the Database table. And the number of rows in the table is even more than 2,00,000. Now deleting 1000 rows one by one like a pro :relieved:
This is so time taking and frustrated.

I feel for ya, hang in there! Maybe you would be best off emailing support to see if they can run a db operation that empties the table for you. Deleting 2,000,000 records through a SQL operation is very quick by comparison to how we do it through the bubble client which is by http request.

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Alternatively, you could set up a recurring api request that deletes a thousand at a time and then reschedules itself, it will still take some time to complete but at least you won’t have to do it manually.

The best way to do it is by the manual operation, try deleting 2000 records at a time.