Why does Bubble take so long to delete things?

I’m trying to delete data through the editor and I keep getting errors. With 300 records deleted at once I get an error 50% of the time, and Bubble is taking way too many minutes to do this work… spreadsheets are faster. It doesn’t add up. Is anyone else experiencing this?

“There was an issue deleting the entries / UnexpectedError unexpected server response”

Quick update, after I receive the error, all the records get deleted.

Hi @8it2

As you know, deleting is not fast. Bubble erases nothing actually. All records are retained in case of restoring. The trick is to add a 'delete? 'field and work on it. Much faster as a method.

Confused on this response @JohnMark what is your suggestion?

I think he is saying to add another field called Delete. Then only read items that Delete isn’t Yes.

This does not sound like delete.

Hi @8it2

You can then perform a recursive program to clear what you don’t need when your Bubble capacity level is at its low level (overnight).