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How to delete all records in a table(data type)

after uploading from a csv file, i found the data is not correct.
so I want to delete all records and upload again.
but I found no function like this sql statement: “DELETE FROM myTable”

The equivalent of running SQL commands is Backend workflows in Bubble. eg

Or easy way is through the Editor like this…

Backend workflows can be slooooowwwwww. So if you have many 1000’s of records to delete, sometimes it’s quicker to delete the table, and recreate, and re-connect it to the elements in your app.

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I see. thank you. and I found that
Back-end Triggers
This feature is available on the Professional Plan and up.

the easy way is through the Editor you instructed:
I have 400 records , so I just have to repeat it 8 times. :slight_smile:

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