What is the fastest way to delete all data within a table?

Hey everyone,

So I am looking for a way to quickly delete around 300.000 entries in one of my tables. The only way I found to do this is to use a backend workflow to delete the entries. However, this is extremely slow and would take hours, if not days to delete all my entries.

Is there no other way to do this? :thinking:


Delete the object in the database but this a drastic move and it could break logic

300k records should not take days …

Yeah, deleting the object isn’t really an option. The bulk delete option is not very stable, and I sometimes get this error message:

I just wonder why there’s no simpler solution for something like this…

If Bubble were my app I would absolutely not place an open capability that can burden the server. I would schedule it, so that other users and the platform function in a stable way.

If the operation exceeds an acceptable threshold, then I would trust my users to use the platform’s functions to perform the deletion tasks that they need.

But … it is just a speculation … and it would just be me …

Well yeah, you’re right. However, as a paying customer I’d expect that deleting the entries of a table would be as fast as importing it from a CSV file. I might be wrong, but isn’t deleting data and uploading data roughly the same wrt the server capacities? :thinking:

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