How to delete records from a database

I have 2 databases as follows:-

  1. SK_Videos - There are many fields but the field that I am using for deleting is Video_id_current
  2. SK-Videos_Archives - There are many fields but the field that I using is Video_id_Archives

I want to delete records in SK_Videos that are also in SK_Video_Archives. For this purpose I have a workflow running as follows:-

Unfortunately when this workflow nothing happens. Kindly advise as to what is not right in my workflow.

Vijay Zutshi

Sounds like your database structure is inefficient. You are highly unlikely to need two data types here. You just need an option set field on the Video data type that can be set to Private/Public/Draft/Archived.

As for why your search doesn’t work, your trying to search for videos where the ID is a list of IDs (each item’s X is always a list) so you’ll never find a match.

You should do some research into using data type fields rather than storing IDs on data types.

Thanks for your reply George. I had to create 2 separate databases as I am pulling data from the Youtube channel with the help of bubble API connector. I want videos from the Archives playlist to be removed from the uploaded list in one API call. Youtube does not have that option. So having said that if I use Delete a thing instead of Delete a list of things will that help or is there another way of achieving other than using option set. Private/Public/Draft/Archived data is not coming from the API call I will have to manually input that data in the database. Please advise.

Vijay Zutshi