How to design a table?

I need to design a static table which looks like the one in this attachment.

Meanwhile, I design the table with shapes with borders.

It looks like this (search a company named aaa in the search input at the top):

Is there a better way to do this? Maybe Text element with borders? Groups with borders?

I think that a repeating group is not the solution because it is a table of one data type with multiple fields.

Hey there, here is a free Template that might help you out

I edited my post… I need a static table for one data type entry and a repeating group is not what I need - check out the attachment and the link to what I built so far on my site.

It looks like this (search a company named aaa in the search input at the top):

Ok, I think I understand the question more now.

I would suggest using Groups with Borders, one large group with a Border to hold all of it with smaller groups within it. Then place Text elements in the Groups.

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OK, so what is the difference between shapes and groups in this case?
I will achieve the same result with shapes, wouldn’t I?

(What is the purpose of shapes anyway?)

The major differences are that a Group can hold another element and a Group can hold a Data Type.

The first difference helps when you are designing for Responsiveness and the second difference can help speed up your development, especially if you want to copy and paste this element somewhere else, and it can help load times in certain situations (I don’t think that one is relevant to your example though)

There are some other features, like if your Text expands to an extra line, the Group containing it will also expand. However if the Text was over a Shape, the shape would not expand with the Text

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Thanks a lot for all your answers! You are very nice and helpful :smiley:!

Now how can I design some cells in the table to get larger with longer texts in them while keeping the whole table in shape and not getting out of whack? You understand my question?

Unfortunately there is no perfect answer here as only the groups that contain a Text expand, not the groups beside it.

So you will need to use Trial and Error to determine what works best with the expected data in the table. You can also add limits on number of characters that your users can type for this Data to try and have an expected size every time, but in the end it may not be perfect and will take some creativity in how you design things.

Best of luck!

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Thanks a lot for your help!