How to Design & Arrange a Dashboard properly?

What’s the best way to arrange pages for a Dashboard?
These are the available options I can think of

  1. Arrange multiple groups for each Dashboard menu in a single page, show/hide them based on the selected menu item - Problem arises when the number of workflows gets larger and hard to maintain. I have a few repeating groups in each menu’s > group with pagination logic too.

  2. Separate for each menu items - which I believe is not practical for a large number of pages.

Search SPA vs multi page app on the forum. Dozens of threads. TLDR; both methods are useful in certain use cases. If doing SPAs, you MUST use reuseable elements for each page.


This is why @georgecollier recommended as below

As it is not a MUST in the sense of a necessity as in you can not do it another way, it is something that has been known as a best practice for exactly the issue you state, in that it is hard to maintain when the number of workflows expands, but also, it helps the editor not slow down to a creeping halt.

So, basically, if you have for example, a feature set for the account, things like change password/email etc. those are all built in a reusable element and then place the reusable element into a group that is on the dashboard page. Control visibility of the group via the page. Then if for example, you want a messenger system, build it as a reusable element, then place it into a group on the dashboard page.

Don’t mistake NoCode for NoWork


Awesome! Thanks for the idea. To me, this is the best option yet.