Correct way to manage position of re-usable between pages

Hi There,

I have created a Re-Usable Element for my dashboard left-hand side menu.

Let’s say I have 5x dashboard pages I would like to include this on. What is the correct way to manage the position of it?

For example, what if I

  • Want greater margin between my navbar and left hand side menu? Am I supposed to add margin/padding to the re-useable?

  • Want to maintain the same layout between 5 pages, what is the best practice? (Navbar, left-hand menu and body)

  • Is it recommended to aim for a single page app or a multipage app?


Hello @lodgi Welcome to the community!

One way may be to let the reusable have an established layout with responsive settings as needed.

Where you may adapt paddings could be on the left hand group or floating group that you may consider placing on each page. This way you have that changing according to each page’s needs while the reusable reacts responsibly

Seems that you may pull things off by using just one page … but heck … what do I know about what the project calls for right? :wink:

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