How to detect end-user's browser cookie status? Third-party cookies must be enabled in the browser before allowing users to log in

I’m integrating some third-party services into my Bubble application, but I’ve hit a snag. Some of these services require third-party cookies to be enabled in the user’s browser. Without them, things don’t work as expected for the end user.

Bubble does not offer any native integrations for detecting end-user cookie status. Does anyone know or can point me in the right direction where I can find out how to detect if a user’s browser has 3rd-party cookies enabled?

Ideally, I’d need to detect whether third-party cookies are enabled. If not, I’d interrupt the login process and point users to instructions on how to do so.

This is my first time posting on the Bubble forum, and I’m hoping someone out there can lend a hand. Thanks a bunch in advance for any help you can offer!

Aren’t 3rd party cookies being deprecated in most major browsers by the end of the year?

Interesting observation! I did some research and found that to be quite credible. However, it seems that Safari has already phased out third-party cookies, yet I haven’t encountered any issues with it. On the other hand, Chrome, by default, disables third-party cookies, which is causing problems for me. If Safari is running smoothly without third-party cookies and Chrome might follow suit in the future, then I don’t understand the big deal about 3rd-party cookies getting phased out in the future. Perhaps I’m missing something crucial here.

Nonetheless, it would be good to have a method for detecting cookie settings in users’ browsers for the next few months and maybe beyond. I’ll reach out to the relevant third-party to gather more insights.

A quick Google search found the following:

“Google has announced that it will phase out 3rd party cookies in Chrome by 3rd quarter 2024** , following the footsteps of Safari and Firefox. This poses a huge challenge for publishers and SSPs (supply-side platforms) who rely on 3rd party cookies for their revenue streams.”