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Allowing specific users to login and make the user to land in specific page designated for that particular user

Hi, bubblers,

Could someone help me with the problems I have?

In the index page, I’m showing only login email and password input fields, and the log in button. No signup button because I’m going to make this app private to only limited number of users.

So my questions are,

  1. How can I make own list of users in the bubble database, where I will designate the passwords for each users?
  2. Once the user log in with email and the password(which was provided by administrator), how can I make that particular user to land to a page designed specifically for that user?

I’d really appreciate if experienced bubblers could help me out on these.


  1. For number one, you can use the “create an account for someone else” action, to create accounts for your’re members. perhaps build it into some kind of admin page?

  1. For number two, simply create a “user type” field in your user database. After that you can assign user types and then build workflows into your login element based on the user type. It might say:

When login is clicked and user type =y
then log the user in and direct them to page x

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All right, great!

Thanks alot! I’ll try this!

Thanks for the help!

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I have a similar issue. I have a log on button. I have two user types, Customer and Employee, at the moment.

I have the workflow set up to work as you show above.

When: button Log On is clicked and when Current User’s User Type is Customer -> go to page customer_home

Unfortunately, for me, nothing happens when I try logging on with a customer account. I stay on the same page. Any tips?

Are you logging the user in first? If the user hasn’t been logically logged in, then that workflow won’t do anything. Could you post an editor link or a picture of your workflows?

That’s what I was wondering. Thanks for helping! My question now is, how do I get it to log the user in before the action of sending them to the next page?

Well, you’ve got a problem in your “When” statement. When the user is not yet logged in, there’s no user type so that condition is never going to be true. You need to log the user in FIRST, then you can check whether or not they are a Customer.

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Thanks- with your help I’m on to the next step!

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