How to disable Input entry when condition is true

I m trying to disable adding a record after user gets 10 records saved.
I can t find something that works - disabling the Saving Action button, even after adding a condition when the Maximum number of records user has set in his profile equal the total number of records he is adding in the page…records just keep on adding passed the user’s restriction.

HAs Anyone got a smarter way in avoiding user entering more than a certain number of records to a table a ?


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If I understood correctly, what you need is a simple conditional that counts the no. of entries and then allows or denies the submission of new entries depending the no. of existing records.

  1. Conditional formatting to display a different text in button when no. of entries is higher or equal to 10:


  1. Workflow conditional to run actions only when no. of entries is lower than 10:

  1. This is the final result:


Yes, this is where I was, somehow…didnt work.
…So…What is the “OFF” option for - the one above the “When” ?
…I had it switched ON, since I figure out that was necessary for the condition to be Acivated…
I ll try again.

The “off” button just shows what it will look like in the editor when it is either “on” or “off” kind of like a preview. That’s all. No need to worry about that.

Fine…, Thanks to both,
…just removed all and started again, works fine now, comparing updated increasing notes qty with Users Table limit qty. !

Did it in a way that does not offer the Button Text content Change…but thats a detail.